The cutting-edge craftsmen

Tuscany Art has the mission to keep the ancient artisanal manufacturing while experimenting modern techniques. Driven by a real passion for our job, display innovation and the will of proving our abilities, we offer our partnership for any needs in the area of ceramic, from accessories to the supply of custom-designed and custom-fitted tiles. Design, landscape architecture and renovation companies turn to us for our ability to provide assistance which makes the final product success.
According to the needs of customers, Tuscany Art uses the most appropriate material:

  • The Impruneta terracotta
    This particular clay is full of galestro (a special type of clay) that makes it suitable for outdoor: the bricks that cover the Brunelleschi dome cupola in Florence are made with Impruneta terracotta, it’s a guarantee. The terracotta of Impruneta, once burned, gives the product a colorful red tint, but thanks to some additives it’s possible to change the tint from pink to dark grey

  • Pottery and earthenware
    These two clays are really lights, suitable to create accessories. They are both easy to enamel