La ceramica è un'arte superiore
 ed è l'unica che ti dà la possibilità
 di forma, materia e colore

Leonardo da Vinci

Our company

Tuscany Art is a pottery lab and it was founded in 2010 in Montespertoli by two Florentine craftsmen: Luca Vanni and Luigi Galli who have a great experience in ceramic manufacturing and Impruneta terracotta. Tuscany Art has the aim of keeping the traditional craftsmanship while innovating materials and techniques. Our team commits itself to provide the client and partner with products in line with his claim.

The processing of ceramic closely follows the traditional passed on working steps which make it an Art and represent the real Made in Italy all over the world.

Tuscany art is always in search of new stimuli that could test materials and our abilities. Professional interior designers and landscape architects rely on our skills to build their projects.

Services and products:

  • realisation of accessories and ceramic customizable coats
  • more than 400 garden accessories made with Impruneta terracotta (vases, statues, fountains, tables)
  • all natural terracotta paving standar forms: coloured or enamelled